Haritaki has been renowned as the “King of Herbs” and the only herb in the ancient Ayurvedic directory of thousands of herbs to “Increase Brain Function”. Haritakis’ s use for that purpose has fallen into disuse until  the last few years. The revival of Haritaki for its true and more profound benefits has been spurred by the incredible results that are emerging from India from its use. These discoveries were initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the south Indian enlightened master.Thousands of adults and young people, who consume Haritaki daily, are displaying remarkable intuition and third eye awakening abilities, and demonstrating these powers through reading while blindfolded. On this site, we share information about these developments. We provide detailed history, medical research and scientific information, as well as the most esoteric information available, as we come across it. Haritaki comes in two major forms, Haritaki powder and Haritaki capsules. We recommend the Haritaki capsules, which can be purchased on this page. Haritaki powder can be very bitter with a very strong taste that most people cannot enjoy. We are delighted to share Haritaki Plus with you, if you have questions please reach out to us. Sign up for the newsletter and receive the e-book: “How to Use Haritaki Plus, in Conjunction with Opening 3rd Eye Exercises”.
Thanks for your comments. I gleaned the material of the article from what are to me ‘native’ sources — books and journals in Bengali and Hindi. That chebulic myrobalan also helps in cervical spondylitis is a new piece of information for me. Thank you! I have seen people slowly chewing a single dried fruit after meals and that helps. I have tried it and it has a bitter/astringent taste which most people may not like. If you can procure the dried fruit, just wash it and keep a piece of fruit in your mouth after meals. The hard seed inside the fruit may not be chewable but you’ll find that the wrinkled outer flesh and skin may be consumed. A convenient way to take chebulic myrobalan, and what I follow, is to have a teaspoonful of Triphala powder with water after dinner. TRIPHALA (literally ‘three fruits’) is an Ayurvedic formula that is commercially produced and one of its constituents is chebulic myrobalan. It has many health benefits and I hope you will be able to find it where you live. I have checked and it appears that Triphala powder can be found at many online retailers. Wish you all the best.
Acidity is related to Heartburn and Gas formation in stomach. In acidity, acid reflux or Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), or more commonly known as 'Urdhvag Amalpitta' in ayurveda, there is a movement of gastric juices ( acid in nature) from the stomach into the lower part of esophagus. Ayurveda considers it to be caused by the aggravation of Pitta dosha. When Kapha is associated with this aggravated Pitta, the Acid starts climbing the oesophagus. This is exactly the hyperacidity for most of us and is translated widely as- Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Acid Brash etc.

A big one for pineal gland detoxification and health, Haritaki is a powerful blood purifying agent and provides ample healing and protection to the liver and kidneys. Packed full antioxidants, in particular, antioxidant concentrations of glutathione and superoxide dismutase — active compounds conducive to the detoxification of heavy metals — haritaki also launches its antioxidant power at any free-radical outposts. A reduction in free-radicals translates to a reduction in the damaging effects of oxidative stress on kidney and liver tissue, as well as slowing down the biological ageing process.
The safety of long-term use of haritaki isn't known. However, since haritaki may reduce blood sugar levels, there's some concern that using it in combination with blood-sugar-lowering medications may have harmful effects. Given this concern, it's important to talk to your doctor prior to using haritaki in combination with blood-sugar-lowering drugs (such as diabetes medications).

The binaural beat technology is one of the best things to use for alternative states of consciousness and stimulating your pineal gland. These mind entertainment tracks which are easily available on YouTube, can help you to synchronize your hemispheres and make faster progress with your meditation. My favorite ones are with the 582 Hz “miracle” tone.

(from wikipedia): “The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, conarium or the third eye) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.”
Triphala liquid extract provides an alternative method of taking triphala. It's convenient, easy to assimilate, and has a long shelf life. This extract is made from the same certified organic fruits used in making the herbal tablets and is extracted using non-GMO, gluten-free grain alcohol. A typical dose is a dropper full (about 30 drops) taken in 1–2 ounces of water or juice, one to three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
In fact only two types (big and small) of Haritaki are available. The big variety, available everywhere and used in the preparation of Ayurvedic proprietary medicine, is the Vijaya variety, useful for both rejuvenation and purificatory purposes. The small variety (trade name − Jangi haritaki) is the Chetaki variety mentioned in the classics. These are immature, unripe, small, stoneless fruits used for purgative purpose.
Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a type of arthritis that affects the spine. This chronic disease is caused due to inflammation of the joints in the spine and usually affects young men. It causes the vertebrae to grow or fuse together, causing a rigid spine. Actually, it affects the discs in between the vertebral column. These discs get swollen, causing a limitation of spine motility. It is an autoimmune disorder and its symptoms are lower back pain and stiffness, which usually moves to the legs.

From the detailed review, it can be inferred that Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) is an important plant used in Ayurveda as well as in other indigenous systems of medicine. It is one of the ingredients of the renowned formulation Triphala (Three myrobalans). The mythological origin of the plant represents the immortal nature of therapeutic attributes in the human body. In Ayurvedic and Tibetan literature, the classification of Haritaki varies considerably. However, in both systems, the total varieties of Haritaki accepted are seven.
Haritaki is believed to be a helpful remedy for people suffering from overweight or obesity. This herb has appetite controlling abilities. It promotes digestion, cleanses the stomach, improves the metabolism of food and its assimilation in the stomach and also helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body. As the metabolic rate increases, the energy expenditure of the body also increases. Haritaki also helps in the improved utilization of the stored fat in the body by increasing the secretion of bile. All these properties not only help in promoting weight loss but also help in maintaining a healthy weight.
Ayurvedic classics have vividly described the therapeutic effect of the different varieties of Haritaki. With regard to the effect, all the classics are not unanimous and the various effects stated are: Vijaya is given more importance as it is useful in all kinds of diseases, for both purificatory measures and preparation of malt (Avaleha)-based products, Rohini is useful in consumption and wounds, Putana is useful for external application, the Amrita variety is useful as a purgative, Abhaya is for eye disease, Jeevanti is medicine for oleation therapy, Kalika is effective in removing the foul smell of the ulcer, and Chetaki for purgation.
Haritaki is a natural antibacterial and antifungal that can be used to treat bacterial overgrowths such as candida, H. pylori in the stomach and, bacterial overgrowth in the mouth too. The Ayurvedic Triphala is made by combining three medicinal herbs: Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki. A study conducted by India’s Government Medical College and Government Dental College, tested 5 different forms of natural treatments for reducing E. faecalis, which is a very common bacteria found in the mouth and which is a cause of gum disease. The study concluded that the Ayurvedic Triphala was the safest and most effective way of eliminating E. faecalis, making this a promising treatment for prevention from dental cavities.
If you are suffering from breast cancer, it is recommended that you undertake Ayurvedic measures for an effective and natural treatment. Breast cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in the cells of your breasts. The breast cells undergo abnormal growth and go out of control. This form of cancer is likely to occur in both women and men, although it is most common in women. A lot of breast cancer cases start from the ducts or lobes, while others start from the cellular lining of your milk ducts.
Haritaki’s exalted status is reinforced by its connection to the Medicine Buddha, who is often depicted holding haritaki fruit6 or a flowering branch of the haritaki tree.7 This placement speaks volumes to the veneration of haritaki by Tibetan healers. To some, this correlation goes even deeper, seeing the very presence of haritaki as a reflection of the Buddha’s nature, as one doctor has written: “Myrobalan (haritaki)[…]underlines the nature of the Buddha of Healing.”8 Knowing this correlation, it is not surprising to learn that haritaki plays a central role in Tibetan medicine, and in fact, haritaki is called “the king of medicine.” As “the king,” it is present in almost all Tibetan herbal formulas!9 This certainly isn’t out of convenience, as haritaki does not grow in Tibet and needs to be imported.10

Everyone who wants to come for Sadāshivoham, please prepare yourself every night with this detoxification. It will help you in a very big way. See, when you apply on the skin and rub, the physical part of the turmeric does not get into your system. The subtle, the sukshma shrīra of the turmeric, means there will be physical component also, small physical particles, the subtle particles, when they get into your skin and get into your system, they become very powerful. Please understand, they become very powerful and detoxify you, completely, very easily, they will make your Third Eye function. They will make your Third Eye relevant for you. Actually, just like your hands, your legs, your eyes, ears, third eye is an intra-organ, you should be able to use it. There is a custom in our Hindu homes, that if you are a widow, if your husband has died, don’t apply turmeric on the forehead and kumkum on the forehead. But, I tell you, it is for the detoxification purpose, you can apply. No problem. So, you don’t have to worry about that custom. It is a detoxification purpose and spiritual purpose. Detoxification of your Third Eye will help you a lot for Me to pour energy into it.
There is an intra-organ called Third Eye that has a cords, nerves, just like eyes, that gets calcified by the neurotoxins that need to be cleaned. The detoxification, need to happen. For that, this is the best way. Apply on your forehead. Rub it nicely with the turmeric paste, make sure it is organic. Sometimes, they mix brick powder into turmeric powder, so be very clear, it is organic, unadulterated. Just nicely rub on your forehead, and apply kumkum, lie down, bring your awareness there and visualize through your attention, you are rubbing the Third Eye and cleaning it. You can literally visualize. Your Third Eye intra-organ, through your attention, you are nicely rubbing and polishing. If you are in your twenties, hardly ten days. If you are in your forties, maximum twenty days. If you are in your eighties, maximum one month. Surely, it will not take more than a month. Just rub the Third Eye with the turmeric powder…..turmeric powder or turmeric paste. The best way is picking up the original turmeric…..it will be like a…..this size, picking it and have a stone, clean stone and rub it nicely with water and that paste, if you rub on your forehead, in the night time before falling asleep. Nicely rub it and put kumkum and fall asleep. Actually, when you put your attention on the Third Eye for quite a long time, you will not fall asleep, I am telling you, you put your attention when you sleep, it’s okay, till you fall asleep go on be having your attention there, with that one intention to open the Third Eye, to open the Third Eye. You can see the….this is the way the turmeric is available, raw turmeric. It’ll be good if you get the raw turmeric and do it on your own than believing some products in the market and getting the brick powder and rubbing…and if you get brick powder mix, apply, rub, it will become wall. So, after that don’t…I am not responsible for that.
In Buddhism it is featured in images of the Medication Buddha. He is holding Haritaki in both palms. In one hand Haritaki is a component of Amrita, the Nectar of the Gods, which gives immortality, an amazing benefit! In Tibetan Buddhism Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan, terminalia chebula, and kadukkai) is part of almost every medicine. It is likewise recognized for its spiritual powers, being called "Supreme Nectar that Brightens the Mind".
Acidity is related to Heartburn and Gas formation in stomach. In acidity, acid reflux or Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), or more commonly known as 'Urdhvag Amalpitta' in ayurveda, there is a movement of gastric juices ( acid in nature) from the stomach into the lower part of esophagus. Ayurveda considers it to be caused by the aggravation of Pitta dosha. When Kapha is associated with this aggravated Pitta, the Acid starts climbing the oesophagus. This is exactly the hyperacidity for most of us and is translated widely as- Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Acid Brash etc.
Laxative, astringent, anthelmintic, nervine, expectorant, tonic, increases appetite, rejuvenative especially to Vata and the large intestine, digestive, corrects the flow of Vata downwards, purifies breast milk, purgative, anti-tussive, improves intellect, increases longevity, anti-haemorrhoidal. Detoxifys and nourishes body tissues. Haritaki .is a rasayana suitable for everyone. 
 The Organic Haritaki is sourced from the nut of the tree Terminalia chebula, that grows in India and Nepal.  The seed of the fruit from the tree is ground up and is used traditionally for cleansing of the internal gastro intestinal organs. Despite being called the King of all herbs by the ancient tradition it is only in the last 3-5 years have the remarkable effects on the brain been observed and researched. Hundreds of people consuming Haritaki have found that their 3rd eyes have awakened to the extent that they are able to read while blindfolded.It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day at the beginning level.
Body scanning reveals the effects of Haritaki on the body. Just about all body scanners were able to see the strong cleansing effects of Haritaki on the digestive system vs any other normal digestion. They reported to me that it is almost like two different beings, one regular without Haritaki, and two cleansed and healthy and vibrant, with regular Haritaki.