H. Pylori is a bacteria that can lead to stomach ulcers and in some people eventually stomach cancer. Haritaki has been shown to suppress the H. Pylori bacteria and also stimulate the production of stomach mucus which helps to fight off the type of gastric ulcers associated with the H. Pylori bacteria. Digestive, stomach and colon-related issues can be resolved using Haritaki.
To give you an idea of medicinal potency, here is a non-definitive list of the active compounds found in Haritaki – Tannic acid (universal detoxifier) gallic acid (anti-viral) chebulinic acid (an ellagitannin), stearic acid (long-chain fatty acid) behenic acid (great for skin) oleic acid (lowers blood pressure and generates brain myelin) sennoside (constipation relief) arachidic acid (immune response) and linoleic acid (Omega 3).

A myriad of toxins can lead to calcification of the pineal gland, however, one of the main causes of calcification is the build up of heavy-metal residues in the body. Mercury is a particular offender in the pineal gland calcification process. Results of scientific studies demonstrate that Haritaki can greatly assist de-calcification of the pineal gland by supporting the liver in its consistent efforts to remove mercury from the body. Haritaki is also highly “homeostatic” due to being adaptogenic in nature. Endearing psycho-physical equilibrium, Haritaki is laced with many beneficial properties that aid brain health, sharpen the senses and increase cognitive functioning and emotional health. Humans are in possession of biological energies which meander throughout the body and mind. In Ayurvedic medicine, these biological energies which govern the health of our psychological and physical functioning are referred to as Doshas (a fundamental concept of the Ayurvedic tradition). There are Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha which contain all five vital elements — Earth, Ether, Air, Water and Fire. Haritaki is said to powerfully unite all three Dosha energies, creating a synergistic ratio of all five vital elements. A balancing of the Dosha energies and elements therein provides access to the specific requirements of a individual persons blueprint of health and wellbeing. Haritaki consumption can assist multi-level homeostasis leading to an advanced internal state conducive to Third Eye Awakening.

A common amount to take would be two tablets (1000 mgs) before bed or upon rising in the morning. This can be a more convenient method, especially for those that travel a lot, have a shortage of time, or do not like the taste of triphala tea. Many Ayurvedic practitioners prefer to give their patients triphala tablets instead of triphala capsules as there is still some mild tasting of the herbs that occurs, sending signals to the digestive system, as explained above in the Triphala Tea section.
Thanks for your comments. I gleaned the material of the article from what are to me ‘native’ sources — books and journals in Bengali and Hindi. That chebulic myrobalan also helps in cervical spondylitis is a new piece of information for me. Thank you! I have seen people slowly chewing a single dried fruit after meals and that helps. I have tried it and it has a bitter/astringent taste which most people may not like. If you can procure the dried fruit, just wash it and keep a piece of fruit in your mouth after meals. The hard seed inside the fruit may not be chewable but you’ll find that the wrinkled outer flesh and skin may be consumed. A convenient way to take chebulic myrobalan, and what I follow, is to have a teaspoonful of Triphala powder with water after dinner. TRIPHALA (literally ‘three fruits’) is an Ayurvedic formula that is commercially produced and one of its constituents is chebulic myrobalan. It has many health benefits and I hope you will be able to find it where you live. I have checked and it appears that Triphala powder can be found at many online retailers. Wish you all the best.
During Neelam's many trips to India to source the raw materials for our Sewanti formulas , she had opportunity to connect with herb collectors of wild crafted herbs, farmers and cultivators of Organic herbs in various parts of India. We had been importing and selling  quality bulk herbs to our wholesalers for many years. With the growing interest in Ayurvedic herbs in Canada and repeated requests from our online customers,  please find a selection of Certified Organic Ayurvedic herbs sustainably sourced and fairly traded.
When Nithyananda was a child he had three enlightened teachers who he would learn from. Two were very strict and would ensure that he applied himself to the spiritual studies very diligently. When they were to teach him high level concepts from the ancient scriptures, they would make sure that Nithyananda had taken daily Haritaki before the instruction could begin. As Haritaki can have an unpleasant taste, he asked them why was he required to take Haritaki when other students were not.  They informed him that it was imperative that he understand the deepest meaning possible of the scriptures, as he was to teach the whole world these deeper truths. Ancient use of Haritaki.
The three fruits that combine to make triphala grow on large trees and are relatively abundant in many parts of India. Where and how the fruits are harvested makes a big difference in sustainability. They can be harvested on private farms where sustainability can be managed, or they may be wild-harvested from the forest legally, and sometimes they are taken illegally, threatening long-term sustainability. To ensure sustainability, Banyan sources amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki that have been cultivated on privately owned farms.
If you have any health problem and want to know which supplement is good for you, want to know supplement according to your body type (vatta-air) (Pitta –filre) (kapha – water) or with mixed dosha, If you want to know diet plan with your supplement , or want to know which foods are suitable for you as per your body type/dosha (humour) or which foods are not. Our Qualified Ayurvedic herbalist can help you in that. This is a free consulation with our ayurvedic doctor .Yes you have nothing to pay all the way . But however if you think you have been greatly helped and you will like to give some donation we are open to your wishes.
My own discovery of Haritaki goes back several years. I was at the ashram of Paramahamsa Nithyananda in the small town of Bidadi near Bangalore, India. Nithyananda had just been appointed as the next head of the oldest monastery in South India, in the town of Madurai. He had used Haritaki as a child, growing up in his native village, but had not used it extensively since then.  While in Madurai, Nithyananda found that the monastery had been using Haritaki for over 1500 years as a spiritual practice. It was recognized within the organization as highly important for the continued spiritual growth of the leadership of the monastery. When Nithyananda began using once again Haritaki on a daily basis, and observing others who had been taking it for some time, he saw remarkable results. He observed that his level of oxygen flowing into the brain was increasing, and saw that it reached to the level of three times the normal flow. He had never witnessed this with the use of any other herbal or fruit product. The other effects he observed were a re-wiring of the brain. He observed that neural networks that were connecting negative emotions and memories of negative events were becoming weaker with Haritaki. This is obviously a massive benefit. Typically, psychologists and brain researchers say that we have 90% of negative thoughts running through our brains on any given day. When this mind noise is reduced we become much more able to process thoughts that are creative and proactive. Not only does this positively affect our day to day functioning; ability to do tasks, and our overall happiness, it releases brain capacity to be used for other functions.
In Brang-ti-pa, a Tibetan literature as quoted in Shel phreng, the variety Rnam par rgyal ba (Vijaya) is characterized by closed lips and a fine neck, Gser mdog (Knaka Varna) is of golden color, round shaped, and contains five or eight ridges (Wrinkles). Sa Chen (Mamsala) is fleshy. Bigs byed (Vindkya) is black and stoneless, and Snung (Suksma) has many wrinkles.[5]
– Essentials oils can be used to help stimulate the Pineal Gland and facilitate states of spiritual awareness, meditation, astral projection, etc. Good essential oils for Pineal Gland purposes include: Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Parsley, Davana, Pine, Pink Lotus, and Mugwort (excess use of Mugwort has a neurotoxin effect if inhaled directly, so be careful!). Essential oils can be inhaled directly, burned in a diffuser or nebulizer, and added to bath water.
If you are suffering from breast cancer, it is recommended that you undertake Ayurvedic measures for an effective and natural treatment. Breast cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in the cells of your breasts. The breast cells undergo abnormal growth and go out of control. This form of cancer is likely to occur in both women and men, although it is most common in women. A lot of breast cancer cases start from the ducts or lobes, while others start from the cellular lining of your milk ducts.
Following your natural circadian rhythm is necessary to awaken the third eye. That means you should mostly wake up at sunrise and go to sleep a few hours after the sunset. Your body then knows how to maintain a high level of energetic stability. If, however, you’re glued to your laptop, the TV screen or your mobile device, you can disrupt this natural flow of energy (especially if you do it right before going to sleep).
The children here are frequently and casually displaying remarkable intuitive skills. For instance, one friend had lost a sacred jewel from his bed area. He had searched three times for it. He went to one of the children. They closed their eyes and scanned and told him that the sacred jewel was inside his suitcase on one corner of it. He went and looked and, lo and behold there it was.  This sort of story is quite common the kids are the automatic go to when an article is lost, and their success is almost 100%